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Why Donald Martin is qualified to be your Financial Planner or Investment Advisor:

* Fee-Only
* No Sales Quota and No Products For Sale (simply advice)
* Commitment to Professional Career in Finance since obtaining B.A. in Finance in 1980
* MBA Finance 1984
* Passed rigorous two day Certified Financial Planner™ exam and granted certification to become a CFP®
* Donald Martin has been investing for his own account since 1975.
* There are 500,000 to 1,0000,000 U.S. residents licensed to either broker securities or insurance, or to be an investment advisor.
* By contrast only 75,000 people are Certified Financial Planner™ professionals.

* Only one or two percent of the investment advisors are "Fee-Only".
* We read dozens of expensive financial publications which takes about 80-100 hours a month.

Mayflower Capital
Donald Martin, CFP®
940 Stewart Dr. Ste 319
Sunnyvale, CA 94085
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