Mayflower Capital

Mission Statement

     We believe consumers can improve their lives with professional financial planning from a local Certified Financial Plannerô who does not sell investments or insurance. We work directly for the client and we do not work for a stock brokerage company or for an insurance company, so we can seek the best solution for the client, since we have no conflict of interest. This can make a difference in the ability to retire, to withstand market crashes, to survive catastrophes, to have peace of mind, to avoid hidden surprises.

     We chose the name Mayflower Capital because people living in Silicon Valley have experienced immigrating from other areas of the world where the cost of living is far lower, the financial decisions are far simpler, etc. People who moved to Silicon Valley have experienced a similar challenge as that faced by the original occupants of the Mayflower in 1620: they traveled a long distance across the ocean to a strange new land in search of better economic opportunity, and in their earliest years faced great hardships.

Mayflower Capital

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