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Tax Planning

We can analyze your taxes to see where you might be in need of greater tax planning

* Alternative Minimum Tax review
* Mutual Funds Capital Gains
* Deducting capital losses when they exceed $ 3,000 per year-should you elect to become a professional trader and give up capital gains treatment?
* Trade-off between holding investments in IRA's, etc. versus obtaining a capital gain in a regular taxable account
* Trade-off between investing in tax deferred annuities versus investing in a regular taxable account
* Rental Real Estate Investments: restrictions on loss deductions, tax deferred exchanges, problems with depreciation, 1031 exchanges
* Mortgage Interest deduction restrictions
* Schedule A Itemized deductions: the 2% limitation on "miscellaneous" deductions rule; the additional 3% "haircut" for all Schedule A deductions (6% "haircut" for State of California)
* Oil & Gas partnerships
* Educational Credits
* Kiddy Tax
* Should you hire your children to work in your business?
* Investment Earnings in 529 Plans
* Direct Ownership of small business: loss deduction limitations; section 179 deductions; retirement plans; C or S corp. or LLC?

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