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  1. How can I find a trustworthy investment advisor?

1.        2. Do I use risk aware investment analysis?

2.        3. Am I getting enough reward for the risk I take

3.        4. Do I really understand what investments are in my account?

4.        5. Am I really in control of my investments?

5.        6. Am I getting coaching and encouragement to avoid being pressured by the masses to chase after bubbles?

6.        7. Am I using a fee-only fiduciary investment planner?

7.         8. Am I aware of the difference between a Broker-Dealer’s non-fiduciary standards versus the fiduciary standard of a Registered Investment Advisor?

8.         9. Am I aware of all the costs of investing?

9.        10. Am I using an advisor that I can control and have a direct relationship with?

10      11. Do my investments let me have a good nights sleep?

1      12. Am I confident my advisor is working for me with no conflicts of interest?

12    13. How has my portfolio done in the past decade compared to a savings account?

1      14. What is my “Plan B” if my current advisor does not perform?

1      15. If the dollar is devalued or significant inflation develops how will I cope?




  If you have answered no to any of the questions, allow us the opportunity to provide the answers.

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